Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Update

This year Easter was AWESOME.  Nolan was totally into it, he loved his basket, he loved searching for eggs and was so enthusiastic about it, it was awesome.  We had no big plans on Easter which seemed to make the day even more about this guy.
Growing up, the bunny would often bring us a kite and he didn't fail to bring Nolan one either.  More on kites this week... Nolan was thrilled to have a kite and asked us to put it together right away.   
After some kite pretending he resumed his hunting for eggs.  This was so fun, he had a little dance/prance while hunting and was excited to see what was in each egg.  Some were notes from EB, some were candy.  At any rate, he enjoyed each egg.  Especially the tricky ones. 
He also got a Mickey Mouse watering can- what is it about kids and watering cans?  So we tried it out on all the house plants.  It works.   
And then we headed outside so Nolan could use his new colorful gardening tools.  These tools are for Nolan, not for grownups.  He did some great weeding on Sunday, trying out each tool.  He calls the red one a hammer (it's a two pronged fork) and says he uses it to 'boom'.  
What a fantastic day this kid had.  His parents too!  Really special.

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