Friday, April 12, 2013

Baby Update

So today at my doctor appointment we learned that Baby Girl's movements and fluid levels are perfectly fine.  We also discovered that EITHER BG was never head down or she's recently moved and is now breech.  So that means that rather than discuss induction of labor, since I'm one day overdue, it means we can either do something called a 'version' and induction or a c-section.  

A version is an external manual manipulation of the baby by pushing and nudging the baby/belly and attempting to get her to move into a head-down position.  Many say it's uncomfortable and  it is not always successful (search on youtube and try to watch one without cringing).  We opted to not attempt the version but instead go straight to a c-section.  While this decision felt really difficult for me at first because the thought of a c-section never ever crossed my mind when imagining how this labor and delivery played out, I also would rather not be induced.  And when considering that medical stimulus will be necessary regardless of which option I choose, I choose the option that takes the lesser amount of time- a c-section.

I'm not sure if I was technically induced with Nolan.  My water had broken but the contractions were not noticeable so they started me on pitocin.  After 6 hours on pitocin I FINALLY started to feel contractions.  After 20 hours on pitocin I was finally ready to deliver Nolan- 20 hours!  It was a long boring drawn out 20 hours that left me exhausted, hungry and exhausted.  And considering some of the complications I endured post delivery, a c-section can eliminate at least one of them which is appealing.  

SO, if I don't have to have an emergency C-Section (read: unless labor starts at home), BG will be evicted on Wednesday, April 17th at 8am.  

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  1. Thanks for the info, Colleen. It's not easy to make these decisions. Baby Girl is lucky to have you all as family! Wishing you all the best; and can't wait to hear the good news! :)

    Rachel Novak