Monday, April 29, 2013

First Day of the Rest of My Life

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  My first day home, out-numbered.  I'm scared.  And Dave has been amazing.  While I'm glowing with pride for keeping Emily fed and sleeping AND putting together the double stroller, this guy really can be proud of all he's accomplished these past few weeks.  First, he took care of Nolan, got him out of the house, bought groceries, brought him to swimming class, helped create all sorts of normalcy that Nolan knows and expects.  Not only did he handle Nolan perfectly, he also stained the deck, took out all the deck stuff (table, chairs etc).  He fertilized the yard, bought a new mower, mowed the lawn, weed whacked, taught Nolan how to play tennis, did about 15 loads of laundry, carried endless number of items up and down stairs for me and gave me a number of opportunities to nap.  All while handling a 3 year old and a newborn. He's really amazing and I'm so lucky.  SO SO lucky.  

Thursday, April 25, 2013


While my swaddling skills need work, a sleeping baby sure looks perfect, doesn't it?
 Oh, so precious.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Big Boy

It seems like while I was in the hospital Nolan has turned into a little boy.  When he sits in positions like this it just cracks me up.  Where has he seen this?  Another thing he's been doing too is laying down when he watches something on TV.  I found him laying on the couch under a blanket with his head on a pillow.  SO cute!

Monday, April 22, 2013

This Time Around

This time around is challenging.  We have a schedule, a routine to keep.  We wake up, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at specific times to benefit Nolan's routine.  I'm not sure if, in the long run, that's good but for now it's challenging.
It means that regardless of how much or little sleep we got at night, one of us needs to start our day around 7.  It also means that the other probably doesn't get to sleep since Big Brother is so interested in Baby Sister that he wants to see her when he wakes up.  This is great that he's into her but hard when we're trying to get him to do other things.  He really is so sweet and kind to her, he gives her toys to play with and even was trying to teach her how to smile and laugh.  It's really precious to see how he dotes on her already.  
 Today we went to the doctor with Emily.  Nolan loves the doctor so it was fun to see him watching Emily get checked out.  It was fun to watch the doctor and for us to tell Nolan that he is always a good boy at the doctors office- surprisingly he is!  
He's a big boy.  He looks so big in some of these pictures and I can't get over he was every nearly as small as Emily.  We are trying to give him good attention.  Unfortunately he's exhibiting the same bad behaviors he was before Emily was born.  Typical 3-year old stuff.  He's had a lot change in his life this past week, we're trying to be understanding but the stuff he's fighting us on is non-negotiable stuff- like washing hands and sitting on the potty.  But overall he's been great.  We need to stick closer to his routine, all hell breaks loose when he gets tired.  Like us all, right?  

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our First Days as a Family of Four

Just because we've done this before does not mean we know what we're doing this time either.  I expected to breeze through these trial and error stages, not have any questions for my doctor, lactation consultant or pediatrician, just winging it since I've been here and done that.  I was so wrong.
Emily checking out Nolan

Emily sleeping in her crib- look how teeny she looks!
I met with the lactation consultant every day in the hospital.  Emily is very oral so unless she was sucking on something, either me or one of our fingers, she was screaming.  Like really screaming.  Then she'd hungrily attack either me or a finger.  In her first hours she was smacking her lips and sucking on her own fingers loudly.  What it also means is she'll root at anything (try to nurse it).  Fingers, clothes, blankets, shirts etc.  Today, day 5, she seems to be much more content, probably because she's actually getting something from me when she's nursing.
Nolan playing with the present Emily got him
Our first night home went pretty well.  She didn't  sleep very much but Dave and I took turns holding her.  We might have a new plan for tonight but regardless, I already feel more rested than I did in the hospital, grabbing a nap during Nolan's nap time is key to my survival.
Snuggle Time with Daddy
This morning I woke up with my first thoughts of doubt.  Only 5 days in- can I do this?  How am I doing?  Why can't I get her to sleep?  Is she eating too enough?  Is she sleeping too long?  What should she be doing?  What should I be doing?
Snuggling with Mommy
All in all, today was a great day for Emily.  She's in the swing, snoozing and hopefully with have some good night-time sleep for us too!  Wish us luck!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Introducing the Big Brother

Nolan (with Daddy) came to visit me and Emily at the hospital every day.  Here he is meeting Emily for the first time.  He was proud but nervous.  I can understand why!
 He didn't want to hold her at first but grabbed a seat next to Dad when he was holding Emily.  
 And he got some goofy playtime in on the very uncomfortable chair/bed that Daddy slept on.
 Here's the big boy holding his baby sister.  He looks very proud and excited.  He did a great job. 
 And then gave her a sweet little kiss...
 Nana made Nolan a hospital bracelet which reads: Emily's big brother Nolan.  He was especially excited to have a bracelet, just like Mom, Dad and Emily.
 It was an exhausting visit but Emily got through it.  And then took a nap.  
We go home tomorrow.  I'm excited and nervous to see how this all works at our house.  Please wish us luck!  

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Meet Emily Joy

Here she is!  Isn't she beautiful?  Born on April 17th at 1:41 am, via c-section weighing 7 lbs even Emily made her entrance into the world loudly!  
At the doctor's appointment the day past my original due date, April 11, we discovered she turned and was feet down/breech and I would have a c-section.  It was scheduled for April 17th at 10am.  I had been having contractions all day on the 15th and 16th but none were intense or long.  I called the office to make sure to know when I should go to the hospital.  They said 'when the contractions take your breath away'.  None of these were anywhere near taking my breath away so I went on about my day figuring they were Braxton Hicks.  
 I had some other tell tale signs that my body was getting ready to have a baby.  But at this point we were hoping she'd hold off to the scheduled c-section.  Dave and I joked about how that seemed so far away and as we lay down in bed on Tuesday night, packed, excited, giddy that we were going to meet our little girl.  We were grateful Nana and Gaga could come and spend the night with us, that Nolan could spend the day at home with his favorite people and we wouldn't need to worry about him at all.  Nana and Gaga arrived around 10pm.
I was already in bed, trying to get some sleep but failing- too many things running through my mind.  I was excited and scared.  At some point I dozed off and woke up to something taking my breath away!  Yes, a contraction.  And a big one.  One big enough to break my water- I heard/felt a pop and gush.  I woke Dave up immediately, began to shake uncontrolably, called the doctor and got dressed.  The contractions were coming fast and furious, very strong, definitely taking my breath away.  With Dave's parents downstairs we left the house about 15 minutes from when that first breath-taking contraction occurred, about midnight.
 The drive is about 15 minutes to the hospital.  Fifteen bumpy minutes.  I was having contractions between 3-5 minutes apart and on a scale of 1-10 I was giving them an 8.  We got into the triage room at the hospital and I was 6 centimeters dialated and they could feel a foot.  She was still breech.  So probably within an hour of arriving at the hospital I was in the OR, getting a 'spinal' and preparing for my c-section.  Emily Joy was born at 1:41am.  She made her entrance into the world loudly.  We didn't get to see her for the first 5 minutes or so.  So the only way we knew what she looked like were those first open mouthed pictures!  And dark hair!  
 Dave could hold her but the angle and the drugs made things for me difficult- I was woozy and nauseous and trying hard not to make a mess of things.  Still on the operating table, Dave and Emily were bonding.  I was struggling to keep my eyes open and focused.  In recovery I couldn't stop shaking which is apparently common.  So for the next hour or so I shook, like I was cold, except I wasn't.  We were wheeled off to maternity where we have been chilling, hanging out and getting to know Miss Emily Joy ever since.
What a way to enter this world, Emily.  You are precious and I can't wait to see what more waves you will make in our lives.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Final Belly Shot

Here's the final belly photo.  Oh it's big and beautiful and sore!  She's moving around like crazy today. Between that and the contractions it's time she's evicted.  Tomorrow at 10am is our scheduled time.  Keep us in your thoughts!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Baby Update

So today at my doctor appointment we learned that Baby Girl's movements and fluid levels are perfectly fine.  We also discovered that EITHER BG was never head down or she's recently moved and is now breech.  So that means that rather than discuss induction of labor, since I'm one day overdue, it means we can either do something called a 'version' and induction or a c-section.  

A version is an external manual manipulation of the baby by pushing and nudging the baby/belly and attempting to get her to move into a head-down position.  Many say it's uncomfortable and  it is not always successful (search on youtube and try to watch one without cringing).  We opted to not attempt the version but instead go straight to a c-section.  While this decision felt really difficult for me at first because the thought of a c-section never ever crossed my mind when imagining how this labor and delivery played out, I also would rather not be induced.  And when considering that medical stimulus will be necessary regardless of which option I choose, I choose the option that takes the lesser amount of time- a c-section.

I'm not sure if I was technically induced with Nolan.  My water had broken but the contractions were not noticeable so they started me on pitocin.  After 6 hours on pitocin I FINALLY started to feel contractions.  After 20 hours on pitocin I was finally ready to deliver Nolan- 20 hours!  It was a long boring drawn out 20 hours that left me exhausted, hungry and exhausted.  And considering some of the complications I endured post delivery, a c-section can eliminate at least one of them which is appealing.  

SO, if I don't have to have an emergency C-Section (read: unless labor starts at home), BG will be evicted on Wednesday, April 17th at 8am.  

Thursday, April 11, 2013

40 weeks

Here I am, 40 weeks pregnant.  I feel good.  I feel ready.  Dave's busy time at work is slowing down, Nolan seems to sense something is up, I'm taking naps every day. I'm tired but otherwise I feel good!  
 If I were to pick a day that would be ideal to have this baby it'd be Sunday or Monday.  That gives us another weekend together before chaos ensues and also allows Dave to get a break from being so busy before his life gets crazy again.
But I hear that's not really how it works.  Stay Tuned...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Update

This year Easter was AWESOME.  Nolan was totally into it, he loved his basket, he loved searching for eggs and was so enthusiastic about it, it was awesome.  We had no big plans on Easter which seemed to make the day even more about this guy.
Growing up, the bunny would often bring us a kite and he didn't fail to bring Nolan one either.  More on kites this week... Nolan was thrilled to have a kite and asked us to put it together right away.   
After some kite pretending he resumed his hunting for eggs.  This was so fun, he had a little dance/prance while hunting and was excited to see what was in each egg.  Some were notes from EB, some were candy.  At any rate, he enjoyed each egg.  Especially the tricky ones. 
He also got a Mickey Mouse watering can- what is it about kids and watering cans?  So we tried it out on all the house plants.  It works.   
And then we headed outside so Nolan could use his new colorful gardening tools.  These tools are for Nolan, not for grownups.  He did some great weeding on Sunday, trying out each tool.  He calls the red one a hammer (it's a two pronged fork) and says he uses it to 'boom'.  
What a fantastic day this kid had.  His parents too!  Really special.

Monday, April 1, 2013

38.5 weeks

So I'm due in 1.5 weeks.  Crazy right?  And while I feel good, great considering most people are begging their doctors to take the baby out at this point, I'm also feeling sore in my hips and legs and tired.  
 So I thought I'd post some belly photos.  It's been hard to get good pictures of this belly, I'm not sure why.  
 I seem to be carrying high still, which makes the belly seem comical, I just wish I could accurately capture it.  
She's not a big mover, Nolan seems to be punching and moving around in my belly tons, she just seems to shift or roll over slowly, not punches/kicks throughout the day.  It's a little unnerving to realize I haven't felt her kick but then I just stop and concentrate and can feel or see my belly moving like she's rolling around in there.