Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Winter Bike Ride

Though we had to turn around to head back to the house to get his mittens, the weather didn't stop Nolan from getting a bike ride in.  
He is REALLY fast on his bike, I can't keep up and Dave has to jog to keep up with him.  This is the end of our road, it's awesome from speed-demon bike riders. 
 Except when he insists on driving into/over the snow.  That slows him down to a stop and requires parent attention.  
 No matter how many times and threats we made for him to stop driving into the snow he continued to do it.  Even when he nearly went over the handlebars and fell into the snow, even when he had to get himself unstuck from the snow, he continued to drive right into it.  
Maybe the wintertime bike ride wasn't the best idea but he was happy!

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