Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We Wonder...

For about a year I've been angling to get a big-time swing set for our back yard.  Except our back yard is small and the swing set I want (er, the one I think Nolan would want) is huge so after getting some prices and reconsidering what I thought he'd want, we got him a play house.  I thought about the options (there are tons of play houses out there) and decided on this one.  
We made a big deal about how we had a surprise for him after his nap.  He asked if it was a cookie or an M&M and we kept saying 'bigger'.  He seemed excited for his surprise.  
So after his nap we tell him to put socks and shoes on and go outside.  He walks outside and looks around and sees the house and smiles. 
Picking up the giant piece of trash
  Then he sees a large piece of trash that has been blown into  our yard and must have been buried in the snow (maybe it's a sled, we're not exactly sure) and runs over to it (at the opposite side of the yard as the giant surprise house that appeared in our yard during his nap) excited and curious.
Sometimes we wonder why we do things like this.  He probably would have really loved the box this came in too... he seems still unsure about the house.

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