Monday, March 25, 2013

Swimming Lessons

Nolan loves the water.  He's a fish, he really enjoys splashing and playing.  Dave and Nolan take a swimming class on Saturdays and midway through this session Nolan started swimming with a bubble/on his own.
So I observed a class to see what this was all about.  Above is Nolan 'floating'.  Below they are blowing bubbles and being a goofball. 
 Secretly I think Dave likes the class because he gets some really nice snuggle time with Nolan.  Look at this monkey.
 Nolan did great, he is very comfortable, he's been trying to swim without a bubble and seems very comfortable with his face in the water.  While he's not 'swimming' on his own, he has made great strides in his swimming and we're very proud of him.
 I love that he enjoys the water so much.  And while I wish he was as comfortable in the water with me as he is with Dave, I'm also in love with the idea that they have this to do together, the two of them.  That's really special.  I'm not sure who loves it more.  

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