Monday, March 11, 2013

Nolan's Third Birthday Party

Nolan seemed to have a BLAST at his birthday party.  Tons of his friends could attend which was a nice treat!  It was at our town's Nature Center and included an animal demonstration.  The volunteer for the day is a former teacher of Nolan's.  She was fantastic.  Nolan's major concern was the big red Macaw who Nolan is scared of.  We specifically requested the bird not be out on the perch but in the cage the whole time.  He was thrilled when we got there it even had a partial covering on the cage.
 Sweetie the tortoise eating some blueberries and all the kids waiting for her to finish eating to touch her.
 Then everyone gave up waiting and started to pet her.  Please keep in mind, this was not instructed.  Once one child went for it all the kids started petting and touching her.  She just kept right on eating.
 Nolan specifically wanted to hold a snake and got to  He seemed pretty thrilled about this snake.  Kids really have no fears, do they?
 Next he got to pet and hold a blue tongued skink.  The tongue is impressively blue.  Then he got to hold a bearded dragon (one of my favorites).
 Here's the family.  A great photo.
 After the reptile room we went to the furry animal room which holds bunnies, ferrets, chinchillas, birds and mice.  I absolutely love the mouse (it's name is Oreo) and I think Nolan does too.  Here he is preparing to hold Oreo.
 And here is Oreo.  Look at Nolan's face- so excited.  This boy had a fantastic time at his party.  So did his parents.  What a great weekend.  Happy Birthday Buddy!
Nolan's official 3-year-old stats: weight 35.4 lbs (82%); height: 39.75 inches (92%) and otherwise perfect.  The doctor actually said 'he's perfect.'  Yes he is.  Most of the time.

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