Monday, March 18, 2013

New Arrangement

I'm not sure where he got it, but Nolan seems to have a touch of OCD.  And that coupled with a toddlerhood seemed to disagree with him and his naptime/bedtime routine.  So in an attempt to streamline his bedtime stuff and to eliminate things that he tinkers with or worries about (read: get out of bed to check on after we have told/bribed/begged him not to get out of bed) we took some measures.
We removed the humidifier and fan from his room. We removed the bedrails so he can't bang them back and forth or use them to hang onto when he's technically still IN bed but really just scaling the side of his bed.  We changed the position of his bed so that if he continues to stand/jump on his bed at least there is only one way to fall off it now.  We installed a sound machine and a new clock (the bunny clock: when the bunny is in bed it's time to sleep and when the bunny is out of bed you may get out of bed - for the record it doesn't work at nightime but sometimes in the morning it does).
We've given up on the sleep chart.  That's too cute.  It got to the point where we asked if he was going to get a smiley face and he'd say 'no' and smile.  We've given up on even bribing him- ice cream, cupcakes, movie night, M&Ms and marshmallows- those don't work anymore. So now we've resorted to the tough love approach.  Sorry buddy.  We love you very much but we are not playing any more of your toddlerhood games.  Please realize we mean business.  

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