Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Looking for Crocuses

We walked our garden and yard this weekend while watching Nolan fascinate over the trash in our yard and shoveling dirt (while avoiding the giant new playhouse we got him).  There are some crocuses popping up and some lilies which is fun. 
 When we saw our neighbors outside, Nolan shouted that we were looking for Crocuseseses.  Yes, he adds 'es' a few times when referring to something plural.  Pretty cute actually. 
He has been really anxious to get his shovel out and do some digging and that's just what he did.  We've got lots of work to do in the yard, digging in the mulch is top priority for him.  Spring seems to be finally peeking it's head around the corner- a far cry from last year's unseasonably warm spring.  We put on sunscreen this morning and found Nolan's baseball hat.  Looking forward to more days like this!

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