Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Nolan!

Nolan's birthday weekend started out like this.  He woke up to his doorway decorated.  We had a special trip planned.
We headed off to the Aquarium where we saw tons of fish, some very active penguins and...
 some curious beluga whales.  We did make a rookie parenting mistake and told Nolan he could get anything he wanted from the gift shop...
 this is what he picked.  this GIANT stuffed beluga whale, which he's named 'Fish'.  Apparently the curious belugas made an impression on him and he LOVES Fish.  We tried to convince him to get a smaller version but that didn't work.  So we brought Fish home with us, even if Nolan can't get his arms all the way around him.
 For his birthday party (photos in upcoming days) I made cupcakes.  Here's Nolan enjoying the first singing of Happy Birthday.  He LOVED it.
 And here he is 'catching' the smoke from the candles.  This boy is THREE.  It's amazing how time flies.  He looks like a small man.  He's amazing.

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