Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Projects

We had a hectic week and a few Easter projects to do.  I found the recipe for those egg nests made with chow mein noodles and was excited to make them.  Nolan was excited for the mini marshmallows and started a game: How many can I fit into my mouth at one time (see below photo)
 He seemed excited to help with the cookies, we made half a batch and it was perfect.  These cookies are not as good as I remembered from elementary school but they were good.  Maybe some chocolate and/or peanut butter would help them.  But regardless, Nolan enjoyed making them and eating the marshmallows.  
 Even more fun was dying the eggs.  We did it last year, or maybe it was two years ago, and was more scary than fun.  Worry about spilling the dye all over the kitchen, making a mess etc.  Nolan was great about being careful, moved things slowly and delicately and was a lot of fun to watch.
 He seemed genuinely amazed that the eggs changed colors and really enjoyed deciding whether or not they were finished 'cooking'.  
 We gave up quickly on the little wire stick/egg holder thing and he just used his hands.  It was so nice to do this project with him.  He seems VERY excited about the Easter Bunny, even more excited than he was about Santa.  I think he's excited about the egg hiding and has speculated where he thinks some good hiding spots are (like under his bean bag chair).  I hope that bunny lives up to Nolan's hopes!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Looking for Crocuses

We walked our garden and yard this weekend while watching Nolan fascinate over the trash in our yard and shoveling dirt (while avoiding the giant new playhouse we got him).  There are some crocuses popping up and some lilies which is fun. 
 When we saw our neighbors outside, Nolan shouted that we were looking for Crocuseseses.  Yes, he adds 'es' a few times when referring to something plural.  Pretty cute actually. 
He has been really anxious to get his shovel out and do some digging and that's just what he did.  We've got lots of work to do in the yard, digging in the mulch is top priority for him.  Spring seems to be finally peeking it's head around the corner- a far cry from last year's unseasonably warm spring.  We put on sunscreen this morning and found Nolan's baseball hat.  Looking forward to more days like this!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We Wonder...

For about a year I've been angling to get a big-time swing set for our back yard.  Except our back yard is small and the swing set I want (er, the one I think Nolan would want) is huge so after getting some prices and reconsidering what I thought he'd want, we got him a play house.  I thought about the options (there are tons of play houses out there) and decided on this one.  
We made a big deal about how we had a surprise for him after his nap.  He asked if it was a cookie or an M&M and we kept saying 'bigger'.  He seemed excited for his surprise.  
So after his nap we tell him to put socks and shoes on and go outside.  He walks outside and looks around and sees the house and smiles. 
Picking up the giant piece of trash
  Then he sees a large piece of trash that has been blown into  our yard and must have been buried in the snow (maybe it's a sled, we're not exactly sure) and runs over to it (at the opposite side of the yard as the giant surprise house that appeared in our yard during his nap) excited and curious.
Sometimes we wonder why we do things like this.  He probably would have really loved the box this came in too... he seems still unsure about the house.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Swimming Lessons

Nolan loves the water.  He's a fish, he really enjoys splashing and playing.  Dave and Nolan take a swimming class on Saturdays and midway through this session Nolan started swimming with a bubble/on his own.
So I observed a class to see what this was all about.  Above is Nolan 'floating'.  Below they are blowing bubbles and being a goofball. 
 Secretly I think Dave likes the class because he gets some really nice snuggle time with Nolan.  Look at this monkey.
 Nolan did great, he is very comfortable, he's been trying to swim without a bubble and seems very comfortable with his face in the water.  While he's not 'swimming' on his own, he has made great strides in his swimming and we're very proud of him.
 I love that he enjoys the water so much.  And while I wish he was as comfortable in the water with me as he is with Dave, I'm also in love with the idea that they have this to do together, the two of them.  That's really special.  I'm not sure who loves it more.  

Friday, March 22, 2013

Video Friday: Our Pirate


Working on perfecting his Pirate voice, though it seems like he's growling or roaring more than saying Arrr.  We'll keep working on it.

Here's a story about how this week has gone for me.  I just can't seem to get anything right this week:  Nolan comes out of the bathroom naked proudly announcing he peed standing up (sidenote: we do not encourage or 'allow' for him to pee standing up). I smile and say 'you did?!' and then go to look in the bathroom and there is pee EVERYWHERE. On the wall, on the heater, toilet, floor, rug- EVERYWHERE (of our newly renovated bathroom). So I tell him he made a mess, that he is not tall enough, too young, needs to be taught, blah blah blah etc. I start to clean up, tossing paper towels into the toilet when I'm finished using them. After I get it all cleaned up I flush. Toilet is clogged. So I plunge and flush, still clogged. I plunge and flush again, still clogged and toilet is getting full. Plunge and flush again, no dice and the toilet overflows in a wave all over the bathroom floor. Just another day in my life.  TGIF

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chocolate Joker

Guess what this boy was doing?  Yep, hot cocoa.  I just love how he ONLY got the hot cocoa on the edges of his mouth- like the Joker.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cutest Ever

How cute is this pirate?  
You should hear his 'ARRRR' 

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Arrangement

I'm not sure where he got it, but Nolan seems to have a touch of OCD.  And that coupled with a toddlerhood seemed to disagree with him and his naptime/bedtime routine.  So in an attempt to streamline his bedtime stuff and to eliminate things that he tinkers with or worries about (read: get out of bed to check on after we have told/bribed/begged him not to get out of bed) we took some measures.
We removed the humidifier and fan from his room. We removed the bedrails so he can't bang them back and forth or use them to hang onto when he's technically still IN bed but really just scaling the side of his bed.  We changed the position of his bed so that if he continues to stand/jump on his bed at least there is only one way to fall off it now.  We installed a sound machine and a new clock (the bunny clock: when the bunny is in bed it's time to sleep and when the bunny is out of bed you may get out of bed - for the record it doesn't work at nightime but sometimes in the morning it does).
We've given up on the sleep chart.  That's too cute.  It got to the point where we asked if he was going to get a smiley face and he'd say 'no' and smile.  We've given up on even bribing him- ice cream, cupcakes, movie night, M&Ms and marshmallows- those don't work anymore. So now we've resorted to the tough love approach.  Sorry buddy.  We love you very much but we are not playing any more of your toddlerhood games.  Please realize we mean business.  

Friday, March 15, 2013

Video Friday: Twofer Birthday Video Day

And this is the last of the birthday postings.  It really was a great weekend.  Nolan woke up to having his door decorated with streamers and balloons.  His reaction was precious.  It got crazy after he ran through it the first time but generally he loved it.  The balloons stayed up for several days.

And here he is having Happy Birthday sung to him at his party.  I expected him to be a lot less shy or embarrassed about it.  He loves Happy Birthday song and we often sing it just because.  His expression is really cute, I think that's embarrassment on his face.  

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More From This Weekend

Here he is again.  What a doll, right?
And here is Nolan and Fish.  Nolan is feeding Fish some fish in this picture.   
 Those belugas were really interested in me and Nolan which was SO cool.  
 And here's another photo of Nolan and his new pal.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Nolan's Third Birthday Party

Nolan seemed to have a BLAST at his birthday party.  Tons of his friends could attend which was a nice treat!  It was at our town's Nature Center and included an animal demonstration.  The volunteer for the day is a former teacher of Nolan's.  She was fantastic.  Nolan's major concern was the big red Macaw who Nolan is scared of.  We specifically requested the bird not be out on the perch but in the cage the whole time.  He was thrilled when we got there it even had a partial covering on the cage.
 Sweetie the tortoise eating some blueberries and all the kids waiting for her to finish eating to touch her.
 Then everyone gave up waiting and started to pet her.  Please keep in mind, this was not instructed.  Once one child went for it all the kids started petting and touching her.  She just kept right on eating.
 Nolan specifically wanted to hold a snake and got to  He seemed pretty thrilled about this snake.  Kids really have no fears, do they?
 Next he got to pet and hold a blue tongued skink.  The tongue is impressively blue.  Then he got to hold a bearded dragon (one of my favorites).
 Here's the family.  A great photo.
 After the reptile room we went to the furry animal room which holds bunnies, ferrets, chinchillas, birds and mice.  I absolutely love the mouse (it's name is Oreo) and I think Nolan does too.  Here he is preparing to hold Oreo.
 And here is Oreo.  Look at Nolan's face- so excited.  This boy had a fantastic time at his party.  So did his parents.  What a great weekend.  Happy Birthday Buddy!
Nolan's official 3-year-old stats: weight 35.4 lbs (82%); height: 39.75 inches (92%) and otherwise perfect.  The doctor actually said 'he's perfect.'  Yes he is.  Most of the time.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Nolan!

Nolan's birthday weekend started out like this.  He woke up to his doorway decorated.  We had a special trip planned.
We headed off to the Aquarium where we saw tons of fish, some very active penguins and...
 some curious beluga whales.  We did make a rookie parenting mistake and told Nolan he could get anything he wanted from the gift shop...
 this is what he picked.  this GIANT stuffed beluga whale, which he's named 'Fish'.  Apparently the curious belugas made an impression on him and he LOVES Fish.  We tried to convince him to get a smaller version but that didn't work.  So we brought Fish home with us, even if Nolan can't get his arms all the way around him.
 For his birthday party (photos in upcoming days) I made cupcakes.  Here's Nolan enjoying the first singing of Happy Birthday.  He LOVED it.
 And here he is 'catching' the smoke from the candles.  This boy is THREE.  It's amazing how time flies.  He looks like a small man.  He's amazing.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Winter Bike Ride

Though we had to turn around to head back to the house to get his mittens, the weather didn't stop Nolan from getting a bike ride in.  
He is REALLY fast on his bike, I can't keep up and Dave has to jog to keep up with him.  This is the end of our road, it's awesome from speed-demon bike riders. 
 Except when he insists on driving into/over the snow.  That slows him down to a stop and requires parent attention.  
 No matter how many times and threats we made for him to stop driving into the snow he continued to do it.  Even when he nearly went over the handlebars and fell into the snow, even when he had to get himself unstuck from the snow, he continued to drive right into it.  
Maybe the wintertime bike ride wasn't the best idea but he was happy!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

35 Weeks and The Boxes

Here's a belly photo.  35 weeks.  Wow, I feel big these days and I know I'll be getting bigger.  
We're ramping up details and specifics for BG's arrival.  Getting all the items we need, realizing the items we still need and trying to get them bought.  
 Here's a box we received, one of many.  This one was for a new crib mattress.  It was fun while it stood tall and thin.  Then it collapsed and we made it into a tunnel, drew in it and brought toys into it.  It was so fun.
 Somehow boxes are so much fun to have in the house.  No matter what they are for, they can be made into a hiding spot or a fort.  Always a good time.  

Friday, March 1, 2013

Video Friday: Fun with Bubblewrap

We've ordered TONS of things for baby girl and they are beginning to arrive.  What this means is: a) her arrival is soon, b) we have lots of boxes and bubble wrap, c) we better get ready for her arrival because she is set to arrive soon (as referenced in a).  I've mentioned in the past how much Nolan loves bubble wrap but here's a new way to play with it.  

We also have a tunnel going from our kitchen to Nolan's bedroom compliments of a new crib mattress that arrived in a box yesterday.  Thank you Amazon, for all of the new 'toys'.