Monday, February 25, 2013

Week Wrap Up

This week was NUTS!  Between the bathroom being renovated and Nolan being a little devil it was a week from hell.  At least it felt that way to me.  Then this weekend happened and you know how just something small can turn things around?  Here's my something small.  I entered my orchid in a statewide contest and won first place!  Never mind there were only two entries, it helped me feel like I can do something right.  And just at the right time.
 Here's our sickipoo tired kid.  Unfortunately his napping and sleeping has been interrupted by his coughing.  It is so rare when he doesn't sleep well so this weekend when he woke up at 4:40, we couldn't help but realize something was up.  Turns out the kid has a cold.  Or whooping cough.  Who knows.
 Oh, and here's our Valentine's Day dinner- Homemade bread and homemade ricotta.  Whoopie pies and pepperoni.  It was a really nice night which made us realize we should have dinner without Nolan once a week.  Last week was nice but there was LOTS to do Monday night (and really every night last week)
Our bathroom is finished!  Hooray!  And the best part of the bathroom is the fact that now if you're in the shower and someone accidentally uses the water you don't either scald yourself or turn into an ice cube.  Yes!  A plumber quoted us a price to re-pipe our entire house to fix this problem.  Turns out we just needed new shower handles. 
So the bathroom is finished, furnished and decorated.  The curtain rods are hung, moved and installed.  The extra stuff that babies need has been bought, ordered and soon-to-be delivered.  We got a new garage door opener and had it installed today (ours broke during the big snow storm and hasn't worked since).  It just feels like stuff is getting done and it's nice.  

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