Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Already?

Last week I heard a speaker lecture about butterflies and decided it was worth it to check out Magic Wings again.  Magic Wings is a Butterfly Conservatory in Deerfield MA that's open year round, despite the bad weather, thankfully.
So my friend, Heather, and I loaded up the kids and headed up to check out the butterflies. 
 We got there early and had the place to ourselves for a good hour or so, which was nice.  It's a smallish place so when it gets crowded it can be tough to handle one (or two) toddlers.  There are many rules, all of which beg to be broken.  We tried hard to keep the kids in order but it was tough (don't touch the butterflies, no running, stay on the path, keep voices low).
 After wandering around for a bit we discussed which was our favorites.  This one is mine.  I just love these (no idea their names).
 Nolan's favorite is the blue one (obviously!).  The butterfly below hung out on my friend's shoulder for about 10 minutes while she wandered around looking at other butterflies.  When this one spreads its wings it's back was a beautiful blue hue (Nolan's favorite).
 Violet's favorite is the glass wing (see through wings) and this butterfly was also a fan of Heather, who fluttered to her and climbed up her leg and body before taking off again.
This was a nice little day trip for us.  Too bad Nolan discovered his ear suddenly hurt so badly he couldn't do anything but cry and scream the whole ride home.  So after a long busy morning enjoying butterflies we headed to the doctor for an ear check- lo and behold- an ear infection.  Thank goodness too, because his behavior was scary.  I've never seen him in that kind of pain/distress before.  Thankfully he seems back to his old self today.  

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  1. I love stuff like this – aviaries and butterfly gardens. They always have such cool sculpture to. The Biltmore Gardens has some great butterflies, and whenever I use the Myrtle Beach vacation packages I go out to Brookgreen Gardens – they don’t have a butterfly conservatory, but they have a great aviary trail that goes through a cypress swamp, and the sculpture and other flower gardens they have are a big draw!