Friday, February 15, 2013

Video Friday: Working Hard

The snowfall last week was impressive.  Dave did all the shoveling himself.  No, we do not have a snow blower, no we didn't have someone to plow. Until this storm Dave has never belly ached about shoveling or even mentioned the desire to have a snow blower.  So Dave did it all himself, he didn't complain a single bit, but his facial expressions said enough.  Well, he and Nolan shoveled.  If you listen closely enough to the video you can hear Nolan grunting while lifting the snow (my favorite part).  Dave is a trooper for doing the entire driveway with a shovel.  It took him 4 hours and a few days off from the gym.  He's amazing.  
After shoveling a path down the stairs, knee deep in snow, Dave assesses thesituation.  You can almost hear him saying 'wow, that's a LOT of snow.  This is going to take forever!'

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  1. I love the orchids in the other post - excellent job! This picture makes me glad I live in the south – although I do miss the snow, I do not miss the hotels in North Myrtle Beach SC being three and a half hours away, and it is going to get up to seventy in March – I can feel it in my bones! The beach is calling, and your snowy picture just tells me that warm weather can’t get here quick enough!