Friday, February 8, 2013

Video Friday: A Double Feature

Here are two videos.  One is of Nolan making that silly face of his so I can take a picture.  He didn't realize I was taking a video so you can see how funny it is to watch him go from the serious face to laughing which I think is funnier than the face itself.

And below is a video from our day at the museum.  One of the staff made this tunnel and asked for kids to crawl through it and come out as something other than themselves.  While I didn't get the first one on video (which would have been priceless) he came out of the tunnel saying he was a birthday cake.  The teacher was stunned for a minute, many grown ups laughed and then the teacher helped by making candles with her fingers on her head, Nolan did the same.  Below is him being a rooster.  Very cute, I was impressed he participated.  It was cute.

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