Thursday, February 28, 2013

The New Bathroom

It's a tough room to take pictures of but here is our new bathroom!  WE LOVE it.
Obviously my favorite part is the fact that yesterday I ran the dishwasher, did a load of laundry AND took a shower without scalding myself.  Previously if one was in the shower and any other water was used in the house, even for half a second, the shower water was drastically affected as though all the cold water from the shower went straight to the toilet to flush it leaving the shower scalding hot (or vice versa leaving the shower freezing cold).  Previous offers to 'fix' this included repiping the entire house for several thousand dollars.  Turns out all new showers require (it's CODE) a temperature regulator valve.  Seriously, I feel like I live in a new house. 
So that, coupled with our awesome new toilet that required an enormous amount of finding really 'makes' this bathroom awesome.  The toilet is flat sided.  No ceramic pipes to hold spilled urine, dust and grime.  Nope, the sides of this toilet are flat and easy to make look nice.  It is also high efficiency so the run time is faster.  And it's quiet. 
And seriously, how fun is the decor?  Nolan and Dave get credit for the fishy decor.  It looks awesome.  We got a stool that Nolan can use to reach the water now that the sink is 'adult height' that folds up flat and gets stored next to the vanity.  All this stuff is SO darn exciting. 

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