Thursday, February 7, 2013

Special Mom and Nolan Day

Nolan's behavior has been exceptional lately.  I don't know why, maybe since we 'laid down the law' with his sleeping issues but whatever it was, he's been a true delight to be around.
 So in keeping with 'rewarding great behavior' efforts, we got to go to any museum Nolan wanted.  He picked this one.  It's not my favorite but who cares, this kid was excited to have a special day and seemed to have a blast.
 Sometimes I forget how much fun I have with this kid when he's using great behavior.  And in an effort to get some grown up time in, I often try to make plans with other people.  But wow, this was a fun (and exhausting) day.
 Obviously the post office was his favorite.  He loves 'sorting' the mail and then putting it into the big blue mailbox.  I hope that the post office keeps these mailboxes in existence forever.  I will always think of how much joy it brings Nolan whenever I see one.  
This kid had a great day!  Really Great.  And so did this Mom.  Thank you, Buddy.  I love you!

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