Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One Of My Favorite Things

As Nolan gets bigger one of my favorite things is to observe him in a group setting.  I LOVE seeing him sitting on the mat listening to a story at our library class.  I love looking at the back of his little yellow head and seeing his ears.
I love when he speaks out loud to the teacher after she asks a question.  I just love watching him be independent.  There are not tons of opportunities for me to observe him without his knowledge so these moments are precious. 
 Nolan starts a drop-off 'class' on Tuesday.  It's more like a daycare program but I have lots of mixed emotions about this.  I'm thrilled to be getting a little break from him and I am CERTAIN he will enjoy it.  I feel a little guilty about sending him to a class just so I can get a break but keep reminding myself that he's ready and it'll be great for him to prepare for preschool.  Also it'll be super for him to go to after Baby Girl Mattatall arrives in just 7.5 weeks!
In the meantime, I will enjoy these moments when he's leaning back, legs kicked out in front of him, ankles crossed waiting for class to start.  I love these moments.

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