Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Sticker Book

Don't you ever stop and think to yourself- 'wow, my mom is brilliant!'?  Well, I definitely thought that after she pulled out this sticker book and played with it with Nolan.  (Nolan: the kid that never sits down)  He LOVED this book. 
He sat still and played with my mom for an hour, at least. 
 They were having lots of fun and it was just nice to watch them playing so well together and enjoying some nice time together.  Even when Gramma left for the hotel Nolan wanted to play more with the book.
 I was worried it would be a one-trick pony but every day (except Christmas I think) he asked to play stickers with my mom.  And every day he sat down and played with her.  It made my heart sing!
 AND at one point I looked over and he was Nuggling with her.  Yes, spontaneous snuggles.  Oh man, she really is brilliant!  And since she flew home, the sticker book hasn't even been mentioned.  
I'll pull it out again when I need some downtime or some snuggles from my boy.  Thanks Mom, for the trick!  Please feel free to send any other tips in the mail of how to get my angel to slow down and sit/snuggle with me while being educational (and that doesn't include the TV).

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