Thursday, January 17, 2013


We got a little snow yesterday.  And Nolan was patient.  He sat in the sled for a while, just watching Dave shovel, waiting for Dave to be done.
It was kind of funny to look outside and see Nolan just sitting.  Waiting. 
 Once Dave was finished shoveling, they got some sledding in!  Nolan loved it.
 Even when he fell out of the sled, face first again, in the snow.
 And then Dave 'fell' too which just made Nolan laugh hysterically.  Me too.  It was really funny to see the boys playing together.  (I wish you could see this better but it's Dave and Nolan both laying in the snow).  Nolan was very disturbed by the snow on Dave's face and brushed it off for Dave.  

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