Friday, January 25, 2013


The other day we had a picnic.  It was Nolan's idea.  He pulled out some of his friends and I got the food.  He gave each friend a designated food and I must say, the choices were generally well made.  So I ran to get the camera to prove that we have had some very nice times this week.
 Here's Nolan's picture of me.  Not a bad shot for a budding photographer. 
 So Clyde the Gator got some hamburger, the teeny tiny dino got red pepper, Harry the frog got watermelon and I got some bread (no butter).
 Both Nolan and Pingo the penguin got ice cream cones.  Nolan's flavor is 'chocolate covered mouses' which seems to be a favorite made-up flavor of his lately.  I have no idea where he made up that flavor ice cream but it's creative and gross at the same time. 
 Pingo and his Ice Cream.
 And the train got a potato.  I am not sure how this came about, it was an afterthought but kind of funny.  
 So everyone had a nice picnic.  It was a lovely reminder that the weather will get warm again and we can perhaps have a picnic outside some day.  That day seems so far away with temperatures in the single digits the past few days.

And Congratulations to Jenn and Ryan on the birth of their early but healthy baby girl Simone Madeline.

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