Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Is he back? Or am I just lucky?

Dave had Sunday off.  The first day he's had off since he went back to work on January 2nd.  It's been a heck of a few weeks.  And this kid really missed his Dad.  One night he was even crying saying 'where's Daddy?  When's Daddy coming home?'  Right now, it seems that Dad is his favorite.  So when Dad's not around, all hell breaks loose, I guess.
So could it be possible that after only one day of Dad being home and spending time with Nolan that now he's back to normal?  Taking good naps and eating well?  Great behavior, fun loving and in general a good little boy?  Or is it that I finally got a break from parenting enough to have a new perspective and enjoy this little fella even more?  Whatever it is, last night was another solo night, just me and Nolan.  We had a really great day, where he played by himself when he needed to, when he listened, walked calmly when we toured a preschool and asked/begged to have lunch at noon (on the dot) after picking out pjs and sitting on the potty and washing hands ALL BY HIMSELF and fell asleep for an easy nap!
At dinner he ate ALL of his dinner- chicken, broccoli, hummus and carrots and fruit and then asked for more.  I had some goat cheese and crackers with dinner (forgot to cook a starch) and Nolan wanted to try some.  Keeping in mind the first time he tried feta he cried, I was cautious.  But he was really excited to try using the Santa cheese knife I was using with the goat cheese.  So here are some pictures, of my dear child, being an angel, while eating goat cheese spread on everything crackers.  AND he liked it!  I was so proud!  I'm pretty sure Dave wouldn't have eaten that!  

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