Monday, April 30, 2012

Really Tired

You know he's tired when he makes a bed on the floor and tucks himself into it.  You know he's REALLY tired when he abandons the weedwhacker and mower to climb into aforementioned makeshift bed.
 Such a cutie pie.  He really loves his soft blankets, that's for sure!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Time Again?

for another haircut?
Nolan's hair is growing like weeds. It is suddenly long and slightly out of control.  He has curly hair which is so super cute.  And when he works up a sweat the hair gets crazy.
 So with the weather getting warmer, I forsee lots of crazy-haired days like this one.
 Seriously, how did it get like this?  We just got his haircut.  And the question is, do we cut it short or let the curls flow?  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Flying a Kite

Nolan got a kite for his birthday and after lots and lots of running he got the kite to fly (low)!  This was so much fun! I remember somewhere in my past of flying a kite but could not remember exactly HOW to fly the kite.  Turns out it requires lots of running or wind.  huh...
He absolutely loves this kite and anytime we go to the playground he wants to bring it.  He also talks about the kites that are stuck in trees which I thought was a perfect time to teach the lesson of not letting go of the kite string.  That lesson didn't stick but we're still working on it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Morning

Easter Morning Egg Hunt: in our pjs- I absolultely loved it!  oh, and so did Nolan.
The Easter bunny brought a pinwheel and bubbles.  This kid was in blowing heaven! 
 Here's a photo of Dave and Nolan picking up all of the jelly beans that scattered all over the floor when Nolan opened an egg before we could stop him.
 More Egg Hunting.  Man this was fun!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Egg Hunt

Nolan is a good hunter.  He can spot pastel colored eggs 'hidden' in grass.  He will immediately find an egg and open it to see the treasure inside.
He just plops right down and demands for it to be opened.  We had several Easter egg hunts at his various activities and every one he wanted immediate gratification for finding the egg.  And nearly every single egg included something that was wildly inappropriate for a 2 year old- like taffy.  What's up with putting taffy in Easter eggs?  It's like giving a 2 year old a lollipop.   
 So when the Easter Bunny came to our house and brought eggs filled with pretzel M&Ms, this kid was in hog heaven.  He demanded them to be opened immediately and when we didn't he figured out how to open them, then he'd dive to the floor to get to the M&Ms before we could and somehow shove them into his mouth while we blinked our eyes.  Amazing.
Needless to say, he really loves the Easter bunny.  

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One Cool Dude

So Nolan has been very interested in my sunglasses lately.  If i get in the car and don't put them on he reminds me.  At the store he saw a display of kid sunglasses and made a fair argument to get a pair (read: whined).  So here they are.  He loves them.  
And seriously, he looks like one cool dude when he has them on and makes his I'm-wearing-sunglasses face. 
 That coupled with this bad-ass hoodie with spiders and spider webs all over it, he really looks like a cool dude.  However... his affinity toward this tiny little chicken that he found in an Easter egg hunt softens that tough exterior.  Yeah, can you see it in his hand?  It's that tiny.
 Here it is.  A few days ago we were outside watching the guys cut down some trees in our yard and Nolan kept saying what I thought was 'Sit Inside'.  I was kinda bummed, I wanted to sit outside but this kid has an opinion and whatever.  So we open the door and he takes this tiny chick out of his pocket and places it on the floor and then heads back outdoors.  OH!  He was saying 'chick inside'.  How silly of me.