Monday, April 30, 2012

Really Tired

You know he's tired when he makes a bed on the floor and tucks himself into it.  You know he's REALLY tired when he abandons the weedwhacker and mower to climb into aforementioned makeshift bed.
 Such a cutie pie.  He really loves his soft blankets, that's for sure!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Video: Practice Makes Perfect

We've been practicing Nolan's jumping jacks.  He's getting better but still clams up during T-ball.  I'm certain he's just nervous but perhaps it's forgetting how to do them.  They are quite complicated when you think of it.  When he crouches down and jumps into the air is another 'exercise' done at T-ball called a rocketship.  Anyway, enjoy this.  This video gives me as much joy as watching him learn/discover how to jump.  Some day it will all come together but for now it's so fun to watch.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Video Friday: Manners

A thing to note about this video- Nolan calls himself "NoNo".  
These dinos are Nolan's new favorite toys.  They came in a box that he moves around the house, he has mastered how to close it (it is kind of tricky).  Most of the time the dinos just bite him but sometimes he separates the little ones from the big ones.  I've been trying to get him to recognize that some stand on two feet and some on four but he's bored with those attempts.  And then recently he got out a Dinosaur Roar book that he likes and discovered that some dinos in the book are the same as the ones he has in his case.  

But mostly he makes them bite his finger.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another First: Nolan's first rainbow

When I ran out to my car last night in the strange sunny/rainy weather we were having I happened upon this.
Can I please just say how much more beautiful rainbows are in real life versus photos?  Seriously, photos don't do it justice.  But it was this huge, full arch that, in places, showed a double rainbow- two bands of color right next to each other.
I ran inside to get the camera and to get Dave and Nolan to see this gorgeous thing.  Nolan was intrigued.   It was cool.
 Then I noticed there was a faint band of color to one side of the rainbow so I got my shades- polarized sun glasses make rainbows a tad brighter.  Sure enough, there was a THIRD rainbow outside of the double rainbow arch.  Seriously, it was gorgeous.  And then Nolan wanted to wear my glasses...  That's his 'I'm wearing sunglasses face'.  Funny, isn't it?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sunday Olympics

Nolan and Dave will be competing in the wheelbarrow race.  

Of course, they need to practice.  Now if Nolan could stop giggling long enough to get those hands moving they'd be all set!
Something about upside down babies (er, big boys) just really makes them giggle.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Different Definitions of 'Helping'

So I guess Dave and I have different definitions of 'helping'.  See, I consider helping as anything that allows me to get stuff done.  So yesterday when I was cranking out all sorts of delicious toddler sized bites that Nolan completely refused to eat for lunch today, I considered him helping.  Sure, he got a little messy.  Sure, he got a little (er, a LOT) on himself.
And he got a little on the floor.  And he got a little in the measuring cup.  All the while Dave couldn't control himself laughing at the mess Nolan had made.   
 This was awesome though! It never occurred to me that Nolan 'helping' is merely him not hanging/pulling/pushing me but rather letting me be and allowing me to get stuff done.  At any rate, he was an excellent 'helper'.  I'm certain he handled every speck of flour that was put into the muffins.  Don't worry, we won't offer them to you if you came over to visit or play- they are too good to share, anyway.  

Saturday, April 21, 2012

See Butterflies

On Thursday, my friend and I took our two toddlers to Magic Wings, a butterfly conservatory.  For days Nolan was talking about 'See Butterflies with Roge'. 
I was pretty excited too.  Butterflies are so pretty and I was excited that he seemed interested in this trip.  Side note: trips with Nolan generally means it's going to be a really rough day, with a short/no nap and messing up his schedule. After every day trip I question my sanity.  But if there is anyone to do this with, Christina and Roge were the people.  Nolan is a big fan of his buddy Roge and his mom can have fun doing anything.  So after arranging car seats and deciding who was driving, off we went on a little adventure. 
 We got there early and spent the first 45 minutes walking around the greenhouses without much of a crowd, which was really awesome.  There were so many butterflies!  And turtles and lizards but tons of beautiful butterflies.  There was a spot where you could sit and butterflies would flutter around.  This giant blue and brown butterfly landed on Nolan's head.  Seriously, it doesn't even look real!  
 The boys had fun chasing the little birds that we called chickens that ran throughout the conservatory.  They had fun eating lunch together and screaming together.  They had fun.  A lot of fun.  Even holding hands for a while which really just melts your heart.
After so much excitement of seeing the butterflies, both boys fell asleep in the car on the way home- what a surprise since I didn't expect Nolan to nap at all with the excitement of being in someone else's car and his pal in the seat next to him.  Both boys (and moms) had a great time.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T-Ball with a bonus Video

Last week Nolan went to his first T-ball class/practice.  He was so excited for T-Ball, clearly.

Then he started doing this.  Perhaps he'll be an outfielder.  Seems to me that the outfielders in little league do all the silly glove stuff.

 After T-ball class Dave informed me that they were actually giving instructions to the children (the class is for 2-3 year old kids).  And one of those instructions drives Grampa/GaGa crazy.  Perhaps Nolan will need personal T-ball lessons from GaGa this summer to undo the errors of unknowing 'coaches'.
Personally, the funniest part of this for me is that they are giving actual instructions.  Not just 'hit the ball off the tee and run to this pillow in the dirt'.  I am anxious to go and watch one week.  From a spectator point of view this sounds really hilarious and so stinking cute!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Time Again?

for another haircut?
Nolan's hair is growing like weeds. It is suddenly long and slightly out of control.  He has curly hair which is so super cute.  And when he works up a sweat the hair gets crazy.
 So with the weather getting warmer, I forsee lots of crazy-haired days like this one.
 Seriously, how did it get like this?  We just got his haircut.  And the question is, do we cut it short or let the curls flow?  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Flying a Kite

Nolan got a kite for his birthday and after lots and lots of running he got the kite to fly (low)!  This was so much fun! I remember somewhere in my past of flying a kite but could not remember exactly HOW to fly the kite.  Turns out it requires lots of running or wind.  huh...
He absolutely loves this kite and anytime we go to the playground he wants to bring it.  He also talks about the kites that are stuck in trees which I thought was a perfect time to teach the lesson of not letting go of the kite string.  That lesson didn't stick but we're still working on it.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Video Friday: Rocking Out and More Helping

Sometimes finding Nolan playing with something is really awesome.  To come around the corner wondering where he is and find him ACTUALLY playing with a toy is so fun.  So when I came around the corner and found him rocking out to Head Shoulders Knees and Toes I was beside myself.  And look for his bobbing head.  Hysterical.  Where does he learn this stuff?

And here he is 'helping' fold laundry.  Yes, these are (were) clean.  You'd think he imagined my clothes to be a leaf pile or something.  So fun.
Have a super weekend.  I'll try to blog again this weekend to make up for being a slacker this week.  It's been a busy week for all of us.  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I've been working on a project of chiseling off the tiles from our outdoor table that fell apart.  After all is chiseled off I plan on attempting to re-tile the table.  
This is not a job to do with Nolan around and as Dave learned when he did some chiseling (well, most of it really) was that protective eye wear is required.   And those tiles that go flying off end up on the deck.  The weather has been so unseasonably warm we've used the deck a lot.  And whenever Nolan gets a free moment he finds chiseled off tiles and slides them between the deck boards.  He does such a great job of cleaning up, I appreciate my little helper.
The funny part is, with all the toys available to him he prefers the beat-up broom we have outdoors to brush away the bird nests that are being built in our awning and these broken discarded tiles...  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Morning

Easter Morning Egg Hunt: in our pjs- I absolultely loved it!  oh, and so did Nolan.
The Easter bunny brought a pinwheel and bubbles.  This kid was in blowing heaven! 
 Here's a photo of Dave and Nolan picking up all of the jelly beans that scattered all over the floor when Nolan opened an egg before we could stop him.
 More Egg Hunting.  Man this was fun!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Egg Hunt

Nolan is a good hunter.  He can spot pastel colored eggs 'hidden' in grass.  He will immediately find an egg and open it to see the treasure inside.
He just plops right down and demands for it to be opened.  We had several Easter egg hunts at his various activities and every one he wanted immediate gratification for finding the egg.  And nearly every single egg included something that was wildly inappropriate for a 2 year old- like taffy.  What's up with putting taffy in Easter eggs?  It's like giving a 2 year old a lollipop.   
 So when the Easter Bunny came to our house and brought eggs filled with pretzel M&Ms, this kid was in hog heaven.  He demanded them to be opened immediately and when we didn't he figured out how to open them, then he'd dive to the floor to get to the M&Ms before we could and somehow shove them into his mouth while we blinked our eyes.  Amazing.
Needless to say, he really loves the Easter bunny.  

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Video Friday: A Helping Hand


Oh wait, it's only wednesday.  Um, is it Thursday?  Yeah, it's been that kind of week.  The chaos has begun and I was feeling guilty for not getting a video up on Friday when it's only Thursday.  Well, here it is.  So Nolan and I are running solo again, it's THAT time when Dave works late hours and weekends (hence me not knowing when the weekend is coming since I don't get a weekend).  Ahhh, I don't love this time but tomorrow my mother in law is coming to spend the day with us which is why it feels like the weekend- help!  Thank goodness.  It's hard and getting harder as Nolan continues to have strong opinions.

Like this one: yesterday we went to the toy store to buy a present for a friend's birthday (is this a rookie mom mistake?).  We talked about what we thought Roge might like and went to the store to pick out a dinosaur set for him and one for Nolan (it's only fair, after all).  Then we went to the bike helmet area since he's been riding the scooter and we decided he should probably be wearing one.  We found one that would work and tried it on.  Then I saw one that is more appropriately his size.  But he wouldn't take off the helmet he had on.  Absolutely refused.  When I finally did get it off of him, making a scene, I tried to get the smaller one on.  Screaming (him) coupled with laughing (me) can make quite a scene in the bike area.  I decided to lose that battle and let him wear his new, slightly too big, bike helmet with pirates and skulls.  He wore it the rest of the time in the store and in the car on the way home.  Yes, in the car.  Happy as a clam until he saw we were driving on our road.  He wanted to go to his friend's house, the one who we bought the present for.  Once parked in our driveway, I somehow got the helmet off him but he kicked, screamed, scratched and hit trying to stay in the car seat screaming through tears "Roge's House".  I told him we couldn't go to Roge's house which just made him scream and cry more.  I finally got him out and placed him on the driveway and attempted to walk away (ignore, right?) until he sprinted toward the grass.  Then he sat down in the grass screaming in the front yard.  I mean full-fledged meltdown.  I ended up grabbing the phone and calling Roge and after a brief conversation with his 2-year-old friend and a verse of Happy Birthday to Roge, Nolan decided he was over the meltdown.  Sigh.

So back to the video: in an effort to eat meals together I discovered that if I get Nolan to help me make dinner he tolerates me in the kitchen.  So here he is making Naan.  This is his version of kneading dough.  Works for me.  Today we made Potato Leek Cakes and scrambled eggs- Nolan did a great job with cleaning the leeks and soaking the shredded potato.  I will rethink asking him to help crack the eggs which he did with one hand- tap tap crush.  Not quite like the pros, but a one handed egg crack is a little impressive, no?  Eh, whatever, a little eggshell never hurt anyone, did it?

The other hard part is now Nolan is asking for Daddy at bedtime or around dinnertime.  This really breaks my heart.  Some nights we pretend give him a goodnight hug and Nolan hugs himself.  So sweet.  So bring on the reinforcements!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One Cool Dude

So Nolan has been very interested in my sunglasses lately.  If i get in the car and don't put them on he reminds me.  At the store he saw a display of kid sunglasses and made a fair argument to get a pair (read: whined).  So here they are.  He loves them.  
And seriously, he looks like one cool dude when he has them on and makes his I'm-wearing-sunglasses face. 
 That coupled with this bad-ass hoodie with spiders and spider webs all over it, he really looks like a cool dude.  However... his affinity toward this tiny little chicken that he found in an Easter egg hunt softens that tough exterior.  Yeah, can you see it in his hand?  It's that tiny.
 Here it is.  A few days ago we were outside watching the guys cut down some trees in our yard and Nolan kept saying what I thought was 'Sit Inside'.  I was kinda bummed, I wanted to sit outside but this kid has an opinion and whatever.  So we open the door and he takes this tiny chick out of his pocket and places it on the floor and then heads back outdoors.  OH!  He was saying 'chick inside'.  How silly of me.  

Monday, April 2, 2012

Short Sleeves

Nolan has been refusing to wear long sleeved shirts.  Now he knows his long sleeved shirts are available it's impossible to convince him it's too cold again to wear them.  

Hopefully the weather will warm up soon so he can be dressed appropriately.   
what a great weekend I had.  Lots of catch-up with friends and a day almost completely out of the house alone yesterday.  It was blissful. Back to the daily grind today.  Nolan is having a pretty good one.  Me too.  He's so much fun right now.