Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Little Snowmen

Whenever Dave and I split work, I'm the macro worker and he's the micro worker.  I don't have patience for the details, I prefer to paint the walls and let him do the trim, I prefer to make the cookies and let others decorate but for some reason I chose this project as what I would bring to a kid's Christmas (er, Holiday) party.
So I stacked up the marshmallows on the sticks.  Clearly the 3 marshmallows were too many for a toddler to hold the stick.  Maybe I should have gotten larger sticks but when I tried the mini marshmallows, they seemed perfect for a toddler.  And I had a lot more mini marshmallows to work with.
 I bought all the ingredients a few weeks ahead of time so a few days before the party when I thought about buying treats instead of making these I reconsidered.  I had all the items to make them!  So instead of letting myself dread this (what now seemed like a MAJOR) task, I just started melting the chocolate. I worked for 1 hour, Nolan helped with the sprinkles until he took a handful of the sprinkles and dumped it on one snowman.  Then I declared him done.  I dipped them in white chocolate and shook/tapped of the excess.  Then I applied a single orange sprinkle (seriously, this wasn't as tedious as I imagined) and shook some edible glitter on them.
Next I melted the red chocolate to make the scarves and then melted some black chocolate for the eyes.  Perhaps next year I'll buy those GIANT marshmallows in the summertime and make some that are more snowman-shaped.  But for a first go, and coming from me, I'm pretty happy with the results.  And they were very easy for toddlers to eat.  The larger ones went to work with the hubby for his co-workers. 

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