Tuesday, December 4, 2012

First Trip to the Dentist

I don't even know where to start this post.  Dave and I 'debated' whether to change our dental insurance to include a pediatric dentist and it was ultimately decided that we would bring Nolan to our dentist - the ones who I had to go back 2 times to fix the filling they made.  I'm not a fan of this office and am generally not a fan of any dentist.  So needless to say I was terrified.  

Our doctor suggested we bring him to the dentist early because he is so agreeable to the doctors office (seriously, he's like Jeckle/Hyde tearing up the exam room, climbing walls until the doctor comes in then he sits quietly, listens to what she says and does all she asks.  It's amazing.)  So we make the dentist appointment, explain what the dentist is, the cool chair etc.  Nolan wanted to drive in my car, not Dave's because my car is blue and blue is his favorite, and on the way there he starts FREAKING out, screaming, crying and kicking his feet that he wants to go home, doesn't want to go to the dentist.  I try staying calm, explaining it's something we do, that it'll be fine and that they are a doctor for your teeth- blah blah blah.  

So we get to the waiting room and his name is called and he won't move.  Won't get off the chair, won't let Dave pick him up.  He's scared.  I get it, I was fighting back tears of fear in the waiting room too.  So the hygienist comes out to the waiting room and offers him either a green or blue toothbrush... he picks blue because blue is his favorite and the ice is broken!   He walks back, takes a ride on the motorized chair and lays back like in bed.
 Everyone does GREAT!  The hygienist is fantastic to him, he's opening his mouth, doing all he is supposed to, checking out the tools, 
And 'kissing the sucker', which I think was his favorite part. 
He is all done, showing off his new shiny clean teeth.  And below is him practically emptying the entire toy chest to try to find the best two toys available.  
I'm amazed by him.  He is truly something else.  He did better than I do at the dentist, and that is not a lie.  I'm so proud of this kid.  


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  2. Well done Nolan!! that is so cool, but didn't they give him funky sunglasses to shield his eyes from the light??? Here they start a little later (like 4-5years), and Ruby was pretty upset that she wasn't getting a turn when I took her with us for the other 2's checkups. We let her sit in the chair and have the glasses on for a bit, but she wanted the whole story, instruments and everything, so we ended up having to do some creative talking to get her out of the chair without anything actually going in her mouth! By the way, when Angelica had fillings (in the US), i asked if i could rather wait outside because having never had a filling I have an irrational fear of the whole process and I didn't want this to influence her experience. They were really OK with this, and she did fine without me (she was about 4 then, I guess, so a little older).