Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Joy

This might seem weird to see a picture of this and the title of this blog 'christmas joy' but these pictures really do signify Christmas Joy.  You see, my parents enjoy those cooking shows just as much as Dave and I do and they are my parents and I have no problem 'putting them to work' in the kitchen.  So when my Mom suggested my Dad would like to make homemade pasta, I took it one step (ok, a few steps) further.  I wanted to make homemade ricotta.  Here it is, I call it 'Christmas Joy':
Seriously, the ingredients are milk, salt and lemon juice so why not give it a try, right?  Aside from cheese cloth, no crazy utensils or products required.  And it came out SO delicious, FOR SURE it will be a 'fancy' item we make for years to come. 
 The pasta, however, didn't come out like the ones we've made in the past, BUT it was still good and fun to make.  Especially when eaten with the homemade bread, homemade sauce and homemade ricotta and homemade chicken cutlets we served with this meal (next time maybe I'll make butter too, I have another 'easy' recipe for that).  
 Nolan was definitely interested in this contraption, the pasta cutter.  And he helped make most of the pasta which was really fun!  He wouldn't taste the pasta though, which was disappointing, maybe the sauce turned him off.  At any rate, this is what I really love about my parents visits, doing crazy stuff in the kitchen, sometimes failing and sometimes succeeding.  This meal was a little of both, a lot of work but it came together nicely and was really neat to enjoy.
I tried really hard to make all the meals for their visit 'easy' except for this one knowing I'd be putting them to work.  They did a great job helping, so did the little guy.  THIS is what I love about Christmas!  Well, that and Santa!

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