Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Decorations

I decorated the house for Christmas this week.  One year when I lived by myself I had TONS of people at my house for Christmas and bought something like 8 stockings.  We don't need that many anymore so I use them to wrap the fragile items in the Christmas box.  And I called them socks instead of stockings.  
And I have some Santa hats for the backs of the dining room chairs.  They look really cute when they are on the chairs (like never).  Here are Nolan and Dave wearing them...
 And here's the full ensemble.  Oh dear.  Despite having an entire BOX of 'decorations' it's mostly stockings and hats for chairs- maybe I can get this kid an actual Santa hat.  Oh, and Nolan hijacked two of the snowmen decorations for his room leaving the house looking barren of Christmas cheer.  Might need to do some shopping...

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