Saturday, December 29, 2012

Become my favorite tradition

This has become my favorite tradition.  The first year I hosted Christmas I declared that making and decorating a gingerbread house was a new tradition.  My parents and Grampa appeased me by decorating a gingerbread house that promptly fell apart, the roof slid off and tasted horrible.
The next year we tried again.  The year after we did gingerbread people which was much better, no candy involved but still fun.  Last year and this year have been, by far, the most fun.  Nolan was totally into it. 
 Here he is making ornaments.  I mean, look at his pastry bag precision!  For a guy that doesn't always hold a crayon correctly, this is impressive!
 He's a pro with the sprinkles too, though by the end of the decorating he went a little overboard with the 'decorating'.
 And it got hard to keep the frosting out of the little guys mouth.
 It was not difficult to see who ate the blue frosting!  After all, Nolan wanted to make Santa blue cookies and that's what he got!  Blue cookies with blue frosting.  I think Santa enjoyed them!  I know someone else who did!

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