Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Sick Kid

I am really thankful that Nolan is a tough little bird.  This kid is kind of amazing.  When he is sick he is a bit more fragile, a little (teeny) bit more snuggly, he's calmer, gentler and a good sleeper.  Everything this mom could possibly ask for.
So when he agreed to sit like this and let me read him a story I was pretty thrilled.  It was the first position I've found that is comfortable for me to read to him.  And it's also quite snuggly and cute. 
I am certain that the minute he starts feeling better this will not continue to happen but I'll take these moments as they come.  Today he started crying because we were outside (45 degrees and sunny in mid December!) and he was too cold and wanted to go inside.  Poor thing.  I hope he feels better soon, but it's not a terrible thing to be sick and on self-imposed quarantine the week before Christmas.  Hopefully that means that he (and all of us) are not sick for Christmas.  

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