Friday, December 28, 2012

A Christmas Story

There once was a VERY excited boy named Nolan who couldn't wait for Santa to arrive.  He picked out special pjs, carrots and self-decorated cookies to leave for Santa on Christmas eve in hopes that Santa and Rudolph would deliver a blue present for the good boy.
 He sat through several Christmas stories before heading to bed, specifically The Night Before Christmas.
 And the next morning there was a BIG blue present that appeared in our living room.  Nolan was so excited by the size and blue-ness of this present he could hardly contain himself.
 Once the blue was removed, he discovered a big workbench with tons of tools and even some 'wood' to craft together to make things.  It looks like Santa enjoyed this one before he left it for Nolan.
 Nolan tried all the tools, especially the electric drill press and circular saw.  
 Also impressive was the hand saw and hand drill.
 Once Nolan dug into his stocking he found some additional toys such as a head lamp and binoculars that he enjoys thoroughly.
While this was only the beginning of Christmas for this boy, it's fair to say he really loves Christmas and all of his new toys to play with.  It was a special day.

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