Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Movie Night

We had our first Family Movie Night this weekend!  Complete with popcorn, which Nolan gobbled up like any movie-goer should.  We watched Frosty the Snowman.
And he really loved the movie.  And did I mention the popcorn?  Yeah, this kid had a blast watching a 30 minute movie.  He laughed at the right spots and added commentary too.  
 And after the movie I presented Nolan with his own Frosty who now resides in Nolan's room (when he's a good boy).  
We're looking forward to more short movie nights, complete with popcorn and an associated Christmastime treat.  Charlie Brown's Christmas is up next.  We have a great snoopy playing a piano that he has loved for the past Christmases.  

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