Thursday, November 8, 2012

Can I Eat It?

We got a little snow yesterday and went outside to make a snowman which means I made the snowman while Nolan shoveled snow from our yard onto the walkway.
We attempted riding in the sled but I think the snow was too wet.  Or maybe I'm way out of practice and don't know how to do it.  He rode for about 15 feet and declared himself finished. 
 Then he brushed off my car a bit, did some more shoveling and then he asked if he could eat some snow...
SURE, as long as it's clean.  So he picked up a tiny bit and ate it.  I picked up a huge hunk and he dove right in.
 Sometimes this kid is SO my child.  I can remember walking around carrying snowballs just chewing on them.  I took a bite today for old times sake- not so good...
However I am completely thrilled about my new winter coat and snow boots that I bought on fantastic discount last spring and finally got to use.  My feet and legs were not wet in the slightest.  I was warm and cozy and even when I was leaning over to make the snowman I didn't feel restricted.  Awesome.  Now I just need to find a hat that doesn't look completely absurd on me and some waterproof gloves that are size small.  

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