Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Bribe

Nolan has been a bit more difficult these days and my go-to (and beloved) time-out doesn't always work.  He generally has to go to timeout because he is NOT doing something rather than him doing something I want him to stop.  So if I tell him to get dressed orcome sit so I can put his shoes on and he says 'no' then me telling him (after counting to 3) to go to timeout just gets a 'no' response too.  

We've decided that what we will do is to take away special treats.  When we started doing this we realized that he actually doesn't get very many special treats.  So we starting adding special treats into his life when he is good and taking them away when he is bad (for example: the pillow, sleep with a special friend, watch videos on the computer when I take a shower or use my Ipod Touch to play games).  These are all generally new 'treats' and the threat of not having them works pretty well, I must say.  

Another bribe that he LOVES to do is to go outside and look for stars and the moon before bedtime.  So here they are, before it started getting very dark at bedtime, checking for stars and the moon.  It's a really cute thing, Nolan LOVES it.  I can't wait until the moon starts coming out that late.  He loves the moon!

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