Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Special Gift

On Halloween one of the old men in our neighborhood, Mickey, the one who obsessively sweeps his driveway, hand waters his lawn, mows it with scissors and completely drywalled the neighbor's garage complete with crown molding, stopped by.  He doesn't speak English and can't hear but Nolan is obsessed with what he's doing.
Probably because every day he's doing SOMETHING in his yard.  So Mickey stopped by to drop off a gift and through hand motions it seems it's a gift for Nolan because Nolan always says hi and waves to him.  Little does Mickey know that Nolan waves to him almost every day just he can't hear him so he misses about 75% of the 'hi's.
 In the gift bag is was a red car that Nolan LOVES.  He gave Mickey a hug (after wiping something from his chin) and then said 'Cank You' in the smallest voice possible.  And then for the next 3 days played solely with this toy.  I've never even seen Nolan play like this, laying down driving cars.  What a kind gesture! 
He is a lucky boy!

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