Monday, October 22, 2012

We're Ready!

Last year at this time we had no idea we were in for an enormous snowfall that would wipe out power for a week.  We were preparing for Halloween and I was outright LAUGHING at the people who were 'worried' about the snowfall.  Well, this year we are prepared!  Thanks to the burst of cold weather last week we found our winter hats, mittens, scarves and snow shovels.  
 This kid is EXCITED!  He 'shoveled' all over the house.  He put on various mitten and hat combinations before he settled on one.  He put on snow boots that are two sizes too small (and he might have worn once since I bought them last NOVEMBER.
 But this guy sure loves his snow shovel.  We've hidden it so hopefully we can get out of the house without him seeing it and doing move shoveling.  I can't wait for it to snow this year.  He's going to love it.  Along with the sled we bought and never used last winter.  
And I can't wait for the winter either, since I got a great deal on a parka and snow boots last spring/post winter sale.  Now I just need to find some waterproof gloves and a hat to fit on my own peanut sized head!

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