Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Carnival

Nolan was tall enough to ride on many more rides at our town carnival this past weekend.  Unfortunately we had to have them stop this ride because he was freaking out about the 'jump' that was part of the ride.  But he was REAL excited to sit on the motorcycle. 
He LOVED this ride.  It just spun around, no ups and downs, no jerky movements, just around and around like a carousel.   
 Strangely he refused the carousel.  Not sure how it's different from this ride except where you sit. On this ride you sit one some strange transformer type space ship (or a helicopter, see behind him) and the carousel you sit on a horse.  The movement is the same... 
At any rate, he played a game that he loved and 'won' a plastic trumpet, which has been strategically placed between some blankets and rode some rides.  All in a good day for this little one.

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