Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Still A Work In Progress

So I already blogged about Halloween.  And the storm... so let me get back to the exciting stuff that has been happening with Nolan!  TWO weekends ago Dave painted the guest Nolan's new room BLUE.  That's really all Nolan wanted was to have: blue walls.  The color is Honolulu Blue and somehow he knew that because he calls his room the beach.  
Then his furniture arrived last Thursday.  He carefully watched the workers deliver and install the furniture  with his own power tools in hand.  When they left he decided to give it a go.  And not minutes after the workers left did he run down the hall to his old room and grab his PJs from the drawer and 'move-in' to his new room.   
 Here is his first night getting ready to sleep in his new room.  We're still trying to figure out our routine, reading books in a bed with no pillow is tough on the shoulders or back, depending how you approach it.
 Nolan loves his new room and his new bed.  It's exciting that he likes it and the bed rails are surprisingly great at restricting his vision so he doesn't seem distracted by the other stuff in his room.  
We're still figuring out how to decorate his room.  What 'theme' he should have.  So for now it's just blue walls and new furniture with a snoopy rug.  Happy Halloweenie!

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