Monday, October 8, 2012

Sickipoo Again

To help with the sickipoos that is Hand Foot and Mouth (Again) Nolan has been having some mid-day oatmeal baths.  They help soothe his skin from the bumpies that are all over him, mostly on his lower half.
To spice up the mid-day bath I added the bubble maker.  This was a complete hit.  
 He doesn't seem as irritable with this disease as he did in June (thank goodness) but perhaps it's because I know how to make things more comfortable (ala Benedryl and these murky oatmeal baths) but unfortunately seems more aware of the bumps all over himself which I'm terrified will result in him scratching them.  Yuck.
 The hardest part of this disease is he is acting more or less fine.  He never had a fever and while he has the bumps he seems otherwise unaffected (except a little more tired than normal).  That's a good thing but he's really disappointed that he can't see his friends, can't go to the playground and generally can't do anything with anyone or outside of our house/yard.
To further the confusion of just how long he shouldn't do anything, research shows differing opinions of the length of quarantine.  Just to be safe we'll stay home for the week.  This is nasty and I wouldn't want anyone else to get it.  We'll probably stay away from the gym (daycare) for 2 weeks. Just to be safe.  Aw shucks.  

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