Monday, October 15, 2012

Serious Tip

Here is a serious tip.  I'd like to say I 'discovered' this myself but the credit goes to Nolan.  And I am certain I will be purchasing more and putting some in my car, purse, pockets and diaper bag for just-in-case moments.
A tip to keep your 2-year-old focused on something: bubble wrap.  Yes, bubblewrap.  He found some in a box from a Halloween decoration and was kept busy playing with it for an hour.  A FULL HOUR this kid did the same thing, sat still and focused.   
 He even went back to it several more times over the next few days trying to find an unpopped bubble.  I don't know where to get more- maybe Office Depot, but seriously, keep it around for your kids.  This is truly amazing.

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