Thursday, October 11, 2012

Not Quite

This blanket is not quite big enough to cover up the goofball anymore.
Which is really too bad since it's his favorite blanket.  It's fun to watch him try though. 
 That is, until he gets frustrated.  'Frustrated' these days means screaming and throwing an item that's making him frustrated.  I totally get it, that's how I feel when I'm frustrated too.  Sometimes I even do throw things (have you seen our smoke detector?).
I'm trying to teach him that it's ok to be frustrated but not to throw things (or hit).  But he's been a good boy these past few days, frustration aside.  Poor kid is dying to see his friends and go somewhere.  One more day of sickipoo/Hand, Foot, Mouth quarantine and then we'll feel comfortable reacquainting ourselves with the world again.  

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