Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

We were very fortunate to not lose power during the storm.  There were some really strong gusts of wind and a bit of rain.  Somehow our first floor ceiling started leaking... we're not sure why or how.  So here's Nolan inspecting the crack in the ceiling where the leaking was occurring.
And here is Dave doing inspecting too (Nolan REALLY liked being able to stand on the chair). 
 Also on Nolan's list of things to do during a hurricane is remove the pans from the drawer.
 And then he asked what every item was and what it was used for.  A good way to kill about 30 minutes.
All in all the storm was kind to us.  We're lucky.  It wasn't kind to everyone.  We're thrilled we still have power.  And no more leaks in our ceiling.

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