Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fun Times. Sometimes.

Nolan has been full of ups and downs lately.  Well, I suppose I've been full of ups and downs because of him.  He's been really interested in crafts (here he is playing with shaving cream) and making things which is precious.  He loves his classes most of the time and has been doing some awesome pretending which creates a whole new way to 'play' with him.  We've pretended we're going to the beach a few times- put on bathing suits, sun screen, drive in car, buckle seatbelts, run and jump in waves, and swim.  He's got a fun little imagination and I love this kind of play.  

Unfortunately he's also been trying with a lot of 'no's and saying one thing but meaning another.  And I think I know how to make this stop, it's painful to do it, make him stick to his word.  Like when he asked for his sandwich to be cut into triangles but then freaked out because he wanted circles and whined about it. (I am not making a second sandwich for him).  When he finished his triangle sandwich, the whole time crying out 'I want triangles' and when I told him he has triangles he corrects himself crying he wants circles, I asked him to wipe his hands (something he often does) and he said 'no'.  SIGH!  Am I asking too much of him?  So he went straight to bed without being able to sleep with a special friend.  Another example is last night when I asked him if he was finished with his dinner he said 'yes'.  I asked if he was sure he was finished and he said 'yes' again.  Then I took his food away and he freaked out that he wanted his plate back.  ?  What am I supposed to do?  Seriously, I'm seeking advice here.  Please leave a comment with any sort of advice.  I'm struggling.

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  1. No good advice, but I can commiserate. Toddlers sure are moody little dudes! You are doing the right thing--being consistent, holding firm to limits that he is trying to push against. But ugh, the bang your head against the wall of it all. They can be so unreasonable! And the whining. C has started mumbling-whining. Hang in there! Meanwhile, what a handsome guy Nolan is.