Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

We were very fortunate to not lose power during the storm.  There were some really strong gusts of wind and a bit of rain.  Somehow our first floor ceiling started leaking... we're not sure why or how.  So here's Nolan inspecting the crack in the ceiling where the leaking was occurring.
And here is Dave doing inspecting too (Nolan REALLY liked being able to stand on the chair). 
 Also on Nolan's list of things to do during a hurricane is remove the pans from the drawer.
 And then he asked what every item was and what it was used for.  A good way to kill about 30 minutes.
All in all the storm was kind to us.  We're lucky.  It wasn't kind to everyone.  We're thrilled we still have power.  And no more leaks in our ceiling.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween, early

In anticipation of losing power due to Hurricane Sandy, Elmo (aka Nolan) would like to wish you all a Happy Halloween.
Good thing he really doesn't 'get' trick or treating and we've attended several parties where he got to wear his costume because this is the second year Halloween is/was cancelled.  I don't really know yet if it will be but again, in anticipation of downed power lines, all the threats the weathermen have been talking about for days, blah blah blah, we probably won't be trick or treating in our neighborhood. 
Last year we did get to trick or treat in Massachusetts where he LOVED it.  So lets plan on next year being storm free and awesome!  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Fall Fest pictures

Of the entire Fall Fest Nolan was most interested in, what else?, the fire truck.  So he convinced the firemen to let him sit in the truck (no, it was not a touch-a-truck event).  This kid was in his glory.  The fire truck and the digger were the highlights of his day.  The highlight of Dave's and my day was what the video will be tomorrow.  Priceless!

 We rode on the hayride which was nice short ride.
Then we got some festival food.  Here are Dave and Nolan eating a heaping plate of ice cream while I waited in line for some french fries (a nice healthy way to end the day, right?).  Don't they look so cute with matching hats and near-matching shirts?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Big Swings

Last weekend we went to yet another town fair and guess what Nolan wanted to ride on?
 Yep, the swings.  They were swings for kids.  But still.  We thought for SURE we'd have to have the ride stopped to get him off.
 But he LOVED them.  Dave said that his palms were sweating just by watching this ride.  And I felt slightly ill by watching him go round and round.
 He loved them so much he rode them a second time!  Wow.  
What a brave boy!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fun Times. Sometimes.

Nolan has been full of ups and downs lately.  Well, I suppose I've been full of ups and downs because of him.  He's been really interested in crafts (here he is playing with shaving cream) and making things which is precious.  He loves his classes most of the time and has been doing some awesome pretending which creates a whole new way to 'play' with him.  We've pretended we're going to the beach a few times- put on bathing suits, sun screen, drive in car, buckle seatbelts, run and jump in waves, and swim.  He's got a fun little imagination and I love this kind of play.  

Unfortunately he's also been trying with a lot of 'no's and saying one thing but meaning another.  And I think I know how to make this stop, it's painful to do it, make him stick to his word.  Like when he asked for his sandwich to be cut into triangles but then freaked out because he wanted circles and whined about it. (I am not making a second sandwich for him).  When he finished his triangle sandwich, the whole time crying out 'I want triangles' and when I told him he has triangles he corrects himself crying he wants circles, I asked him to wipe his hands (something he often does) and he said 'no'.  SIGH!  Am I asking too much of him?  So he went straight to bed without being able to sleep with a special friend.  Another example is last night when I asked him if he was finished with his dinner he said 'yes'.  I asked if he was sure he was finished and he said 'yes' again.  Then I took his food away and he freaked out that he wanted his plate back.  ?  What am I supposed to do?  Seriously, I'm seeking advice here.  Please leave a comment with any sort of advice.  I'm struggling.

Monday, October 22, 2012

We're Ready!

Last year at this time we had no idea we were in for an enormous snowfall that would wipe out power for a week.  We were preparing for Halloween and I was outright LAUGHING at the people who were 'worried' about the snowfall.  Well, this year we are prepared!  Thanks to the burst of cold weather last week we found our winter hats, mittens, scarves and snow shovels.  
 This kid is EXCITED!  He 'shoveled' all over the house.  He put on various mitten and hat combinations before he settled on one.  He put on snow boots that are two sizes too small (and he might have worn once since I bought them last NOVEMBER.
 But this guy sure loves his snow shovel.  We've hidden it so hopefully we can get out of the house without him seeing it and doing move shoveling.  I can't wait for it to snow this year.  He's going to love it.  Along with the sled we bought and never used last winter.  
And I can't wait for the winter either, since I got a great deal on a parka and snow boots last spring/post winter sale.  Now I just need to find some waterproof gloves and a hat to fit on my own peanut sized head!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Carnival

Nolan was tall enough to ride on many more rides at our town carnival this past weekend.  Unfortunately we had to have them stop this ride because he was freaking out about the 'jump' that was part of the ride.  But he was REAL excited to sit on the motorcycle. 
He LOVED this ride.  It just spun around, no ups and downs, no jerky movements, just around and around like a carousel.   
 Strangely he refused the carousel.  Not sure how it's different from this ride except where you sit. On this ride you sit one some strange transformer type space ship (or a helicopter, see behind him) and the carousel you sit on a horse.  The movement is the same... 
At any rate, he played a game that he loved and 'won' a plastic trumpet, which has been strategically placed between some blankets and rode some rides.  All in a good day for this little one.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This past week had been tough staying inside and not being able to really play with anyone because he was contagious.  BUT we did figure out ways to have fun and keep busy.  Even if it looks like chores.  So here he's banging on a chocolate bar (that I used to make ganache for a cake).  He's using his toy hammer- something he thought of, not me.
 And here he is doing laundry.  Well, ok, not really, but seriously how funny is it that he's laying on his back, rolling around with his feet on the wall fiddling with the string on a laundry bag?
 I need a quieter camera to get photos of this kid now.  Here he is covering his face but still, how funny does he look?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Serious Tip

Here is a serious tip.  I'd like to say I 'discovered' this myself but the credit goes to Nolan.  And I am certain I will be purchasing more and putting some in my car, purse, pockets and diaper bag for just-in-case moments.
A tip to keep your 2-year-old focused on something: bubble wrap.  Yes, bubblewrap.  He found some in a box from a Halloween decoration and was kept busy playing with it for an hour.  A FULL HOUR this kid did the same thing, sat still and focused.   
 He even went back to it several more times over the next few days trying to find an unpopped bubble.  I don't know where to get more- maybe Office Depot, but seriously, keep it around for your kids.  This is truly amazing.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Utter Concentration

You might think he's doing something creative.  Or maybe crafty. 
But nope, he's playing my ipod touch game (don't you loved his crossed feet?).  There's a great memory/matching game he enjoys playing.  Sometimes he gets lost in it.  And sometimes he's playing angry birds. 
I think kids are born with the ability to know how to use advanced technology.  Sometimes I'm still stumped by this device.  

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kitty Cats

Look who got new slippers!  yes, those are orange kitty cats.  No they are not tigers, according to Nolan.  We did some shopping last week and came upon the slippers.  Since they were near the pjs and the sign said 50% off I didn't mind splurging.  He does love himself some soft slippers.  Turns out the pjs were on sale... not the slippers.  Ah, this kid loves them so it's well worth it.  It's really the first time we've had to go buy him clothes.  We've been blessed with tons of hand me downs and while we still had a bunch, there were a few things lacking, in addition to kitty cat slippers.  This is one happy boy.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sickipoo Again

To help with the sickipoos that is Hand Foot and Mouth (Again) Nolan has been having some mid-day oatmeal baths.  They help soothe his skin from the bumpies that are all over him, mostly on his lower half.
To spice up the mid-day bath I added the bubble maker.  This was a complete hit.  
 He doesn't seem as irritable with this disease as he did in June (thank goodness) but perhaps it's because I know how to make things more comfortable (ala Benedryl and these murky oatmeal baths) but unfortunately seems more aware of the bumps all over himself which I'm terrified will result in him scratching them.  Yuck.
 The hardest part of this disease is he is acting more or less fine.  He never had a fever and while he has the bumps he seems otherwise unaffected (except a little more tired than normal).  That's a good thing but he's really disappointed that he can't see his friends, can't go to the playground and generally can't do anything with anyone or outside of our house/yard.
To further the confusion of just how long he shouldn't do anything, research shows differing opinions of the length of quarantine.  Just to be safe we'll stay home for the week.  This is nasty and I wouldn't want anyone else to get it.  We'll probably stay away from the gym (daycare) for 2 weeks. Just to be safe.  Aw shucks.  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Camera Shy

So I've been getting this a lot lately when I try to take Nolan's picture.  
He won't turn around, he just stands there, or curls up into a ball, refusing to look and smile. 
 If and when he does turn around, this is what I get.  Anyway, doesn't he look so cute with his baseball hate and glove on?  For the record, he bats lefty but throws righty.  
And no, he has not pants on.  Sometimes pants are optional.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

So Not Ready For This

Nolan, complete with his helmet, is desperate to drive.  He LOVES being outside when someone comes home so he can sit in the drivers seat.
Oh I am so not ready for this.  Hard to believe that one day he will be driving.  Dave and I are having a hard time imagining him riding his bike around our neighborhood, especially since the corner near our house is outrageously dangerous.  Anyway, thank goodness he's still a little guy.  
But that subaru commercial really gets me every time.  That is NOT why I drive a subaru though.  I expect to have at least one more new car before Nolan starts to drive.  :)  

Monday, October 1, 2012


Two little monkeys jumping on the bed.  Laughter and screams coming out of their little heads.
 I mean really, how can you deny them this joy?
 At some point that bed is just going to fall apart with all the jumping.  Good thing it didn't a few days ago.  Nolan and his pal had a great time!