Monday, September 17, 2012

Time is Ticking: Potty Training Eve

Today is the day before we officially 'begin' potty training.  We've cleared the calendar (except for a trip to the doctor for his 2.5 year checkup) and we've got lots of juice, special treats and yes, you guessed it, underwear.
This kid loves his underwear.  He helped fold it and put it away.  I'm afraid to think of the difficult decision he'll have when he gets to pick which of his 24 pair he wants to wear first. 
 I foresee my biggest struggle tomorrow and the days to follow to be getting him OFF the potty if he doesn't produce.  We're going for the time-set approach- every 20 minutes or so go try.  I was hoping to set a timer for how long he can try for too.  We'll see.  Also a goal is to load him up with liquid so he goes a lot.
 So for all friends and family, keep your cell phones on!  Hopefully he'll be calling you soon to brag about his success!  Wish me (er, I mean us) luck!
Dear Potty Fairy:  Please make this a lot easier than I envision it being.

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