Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Down and Dirty

Ok, So I really haven't blogged much about potty training because, well, it's been a heck of a week.  Nolan is doing SO well.  He hasn't had an accident in two (or is it 3) days.  This weekend there were visitors (Nana and Gaga as well as a bunch of friends) and he still was successful despite the (welcome) distraction.
And as nearly every parent will tell you, when your child is learning something new, often some other skill set recedes.  Unfortunately for me, it was his good behavior.  So this week has been really hard on me.  He's doing things specifically when he knows he won't get in trouble.  Like when he's sitting on the potty and he leans over and hits me.  Seemingly out of nowhere.  Or when its time to try again (to sit on the potty) and he runs away, making it a game.  Not a fun one.
We have since moved back to trying every 30 minutes which he's been really great at.  Perhaps trying less often will result in less of the 'game' being played which is frustrating in general as well as worrisome due to the possible mess.  We bring the portable potty and timer when we're outside but really haven't gone anywhere except for the house and yard.  Overall he's done exceptionally well.  We are so overjoyed with his success and the sense of pride he has at this accomplishment.  And today he was a really wonderfully good boy.  Oh how I hope the chips all fall back in line.  This bad behavior is a really awful thing to try to deal with responsibly. 

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