Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Potty Training: Day Two

Day one was a little tougher than I imagined.  But we got through it.  Today has been excellent!  I'm so proud of this boy!
So here's how it went.  He picked out his underwear and put them on.  He was so excited it was almost like he didn't know what to do?  That makes two of us!  I set the timer for 15 minutes, he tried. I set it for 5 more minutes, he tried. Repeat, repeat, repeat until SUCCESS!  So I set the timer back to 15 minutes again.  When it went off, after all the cheering, special treats, phone calls etc Nolan looked at me like- 'are you serious?  We have to do this again?  I just went!'  So since it took him about 1 hour to go the first time I pushed back the timer 5 more minutes... I shouldn't have.  So a minor accident and me scooping him up yelling "pee-pee in the potty" we ran to the bathroom where he started crying, screaming and refusing in every way to sit on the potty.  After I got him on the potty we hugged, he calmed down and he peed.  A LOT.  Why don't people tell you that kids pee a real large amount?  I was shocked!  ANYWAY.  After 6 pair of underwear the first day and only one major accident I was thrilled when it was over.  And I was surprised how excited I was looking forward to lunch/aka sleeping diaper on.
Yesterday afternoon and today have been super so far.  He's tried every time he heard the timer go off.  He is only on his second underwear which is fantastic!  And he was successful 7 times this morning.  SEVEN.  Which means he's going often.  I wonder if this will eventually spread out so we can, you know, leave the house?!  

At any rate, I am SO super proud of him.  This is hard work and he's doing a really super job! 

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