Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mr. Mom

For the past few days while I was taking a class, Dave has been home with Nolan and I've been heading out at 7:30.  While I get home around 4, instead of the dreaded 6pm, I think he got a taste of what our day can be like.  Here Nolan and Dad are playing doctor.  Nolan is taking his blood pressure.
And administering some medicine (said: meninine) 
 And here they are reading a story after a bath (which they generally do, not just on days where Dave is home)
It was a great class, I feel like I learned some practical stuff.  Dave and Nolan ventured out, sans diaper and Nolan told Dave when he had to use the potty.  I'm so proud of Nolan for how great of a job he has been doing and also very impressed with Dave's courage of going out without the diaper.  I might have stayed home another week or so.  thank you, sweetie.  You're awesome.

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