Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day At The Farm

Nolan was invited to a birthday party at a farm we've frequented the past two years.  He was excited to hold the baby chicks and to see all the animals.  Except the cows.  He said there weren't any cows at this farm (there were the past two years).
He was quite excited for the baby chicks and we got to hold one.  (for the record, this can be real scary to let your 2 year old hold a baby anything).  And he got to ride on the tractor bikes and bounce in the pumpkin bouncy house. 
 However, what he was most interested in was riding this pink Barbie bike.
 And he became possessive of it.  He rode it for most of the free time we had (rather than feed the goats, pet the animals, etc).
 And if he would see someone else going for it he'd run toward it as though it were 'his'.  
He had a great time at the party.  Though I'm not certain he knew it was a 'party'.  He might have believe it was merely a bike ride at a farm.  Regardless it was a lovely day.

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