Monday, September 10, 2012

Boy Approved

Dave and I are hoping to make our living room more used.  We agreed that while the leather couch we had was lovely it wasn't very easy or comfortable to sit in.  We wanted to get a sofa/loveseat set and try to make the room a bit cozier.  A room that we'd want to sit in.
 So the day they arrived Mr. NoNo here was very happy.  Why?  Oh well the pillows have a fringe on them.  So what did he do?  Discarded his shirt for easier access...
 And rubbed them all over his belly.  Yes, these couches are Nolan approved.  When he is fully clothed he'll rub the fringe on his cheek or neck.  LOVES the pillows.
We're still waiting on the rug and removal of the couch to make the room really our 'own'.  Oh and we need some more lighting in there.  But all in all we are very happy with the new couches.  Let's hope we sit in this room more often now!

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