Monday, September 24, 2012

Birthday Presents

My birthday was last week.  It was a great day spent hanging with the boys and just relaxing.  Nolan has been really interested in birthdays lately and whenever Dave asked him what they should get me for my birthday Nolan would respond with 'Cars and Trucks'.  (I wanted a kindle).
So on my birthday, what did I get from Nolan?  Yes, you guessed it... Car and Truck. One of each.  This kid was nuts about the presents.  He was more excited then I was!  And I love presents!  He was trying to pull them off the counter and then was jumping up and down doing a jig while I opened my presents.  When he saw the Car and Truck present he went crazy with excitement.  Of course, I shared my present with him (well, not my kindle). 

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